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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 29, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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it will be the game winner. franchise record 28th goal for a defenseman, sharks win 5-4. after yesterday's nfl owners allowed to raiders to relocate to vegas, jack del rio may be most conflicted at all. he returned home to coach his childhood dream team and turned the franchise around last season. now he and his staff have big challenges with at least two more years in oakland. del rio admits he is torn by the impending move. >> there was emotion involved. some really -- some really sad because that's where i'm from and some really positive because it is such an exciting opportunity for the franchise. in a couple of years. >> and this is abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. warriors are up.
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eight years into the disease was when all the light went out. for me, it was heart-wrenching. look into the eyes of somebody with alzheimer's sometime, you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. bea: and it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's -- it's a depressing disease
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to watch unfold before your eyes. she actually thought those of us who were caring for her and who loved her most were her worst enemies. more and more responsibilities fell on my shoulders. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. my mother taught me to be in the moment. we have to live in the moment with them. and i'm going to be with that person right now, in this moment, wherever she is. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more.
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. that's our report. we appreciate your time as always. for sandhya patel, mike shumann, i'm dan ashley. right now on jimmy kimmel, alec baldwin. have a good night. ♪ time for an all-new show with great viral videos "right this minute." rescuers take to an icy lake for
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a dicey rescue. >> that guy is basically neck deep. >> what it takes to fish out the fisherman. that's the cue for an atv-loving bride surrounded by friends. >> and of course horsepower. what's better place to be? >> story behind the surprise wedding at muddy bottoms. rumor has it that these iphone 7s, the red ones, are flame resistant. >> so he's going to put it to the test. >> see if he can turn it on after snuffing it out. >> five, six, seven. and bruno mars has the hit music video -- ♪ that's what i like >> now see the talented imitator who does it justice. ♪ only had access to lights >> it's not like a poor man's parody. it's really good. fire and rescue jumping into
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action. this dramatic video which comes to us from estonia. these guys start running towards where the action is. by the way they're dressed, i assume initially they're running towards the fire. but it is quite the opposite. you can see as they run to the edge of what looks like a frozen lake. but not quite frozen enough. >> uh-oh. >> they jump on what looks like basically a rescue paddle board right here. it's got everything you can need for the rescue. immediately you see the ice isn't thick enough. they have to wade it through the water until they finally get enough they can start flying across the ice. watch as they basically use the picks. and they just start across the ice. >> right about here, we get to see what they're doing. >> look at that ice. it is just not even. >> look at that. that guy is basically neck deep in the water. this guy was ice fishing.
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but now he himself is being fished out of the ice. >> what made him think the ice was in good enough condition for him to do that? >> they made this video a psa. spring has sprung. the ice is melting. it is not thick enough to go ice fishing. please stop because otherwise we're going to have to keep doing this. they do get that guy up onto that board pretty quick. and the thing is on their way out, they were attached to the rope so of course the people that were all the way there back on the edge are able to pull them back in almost no time whatsoever. it's barely a five-minute video. but they were able to affect that rescuing. think of that temperature, if you're trapped in the water, it's more than enough time to kill you. there's something at the end of that hallway.
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>> good night, son. >> it's his big brother. his big brother has been away for a year. he was deployed. >> he got big since the last time i left. >> hold up. >> is he a lot bigger? >> a lot bigger. >> you know what? i don't care. you're still going to hug me. >> he's like, okay. i'm cool. but then he just can't keep back the tears. he looks back at him, looks at him again. takes off the glasses, wipes the tears. >> as an older sibling, you've got to enjoy this while it lasts. is that john cena? >> that is john cena. >> hey! >> and he's about to meet one of his biggest fans. >> thump thump thump thump thump thump. >> peyton is sitting in his dad's lap. he said meeting john cena was not part of a meet greet. his opponent arranged him to
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meet his hero. >> they say this about john cena, he has so much time for his fans and people. he's one of the most legendary for make-a-wish and all that. >> he's so excited to meet him. and there are pictures too. i say john cena, well done. well done. let's head on over to paris for an can exciting everyone and i don't mean paris in france. i mean paris, california. this wind suit jumper has pulled his chute but his lines are f s twisted. this guy has been jumping for a long time, but in this case instead of relying on his training, his own personal experiences, he decided to troubleshoot based on what a fellow jumper has done in the past. he releases one leg instead of both. but that fills the other leg, that's filling the suit with air
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increasing. he still has that other canopy swinging around which a dangerous. he has to release that to avoid getting both canopies tangled. >> even the reserve look twisted. you can see the reflection in the helmet, man. >> this guy is having the worst day. >> he says after cutting away, he should have waited longer to deploy his reserve. instead, that, too, ended up twisting. fortunately he gained control in time. >> oh, he's so close to the ground. >> yeah. this guy is incredibly lucky because he lands and the only thing at that point you can say is this. >> [ bleep ]. >> yeah. that was crazy. he had, like, 20 seconds. you saw how it eventually opened up with his reserve. but he was over that storage area. >> i thought he was going to land on a car or something. nothing broken? >> nope. doesn't sound like he had any injuries. i think we can agree this guy is one lucky fella.
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ladies, i know you like surprises. and i know you like romantic surprises. >> obviously. >> well, check this out. what better place to get married than in louisiana at the redneck revival at the muddy bottoms atv and recreational park. >> hey, if you're into that and you both are happy doing it, more power to ya. >> i agree. but let me also add that the surprise is to the bride. she did not know she was getting married here on this weekend on this day. her man bruce put it all together with the help of his friends and of course horsepower. officiated by this man in the beard and the freak nasty atv in the background. i love that touch too. >> if this is their thing, then
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it's sentimental value to them. if their friends and family are there, why not? >> i love the shirts they got too. the freak nasty i do crew. >> they got t-shirts made. >> love of a lifetime by fire house playing in the background. cute couple. the whole thing of the wedding, offroad stuff. i would have liked to have been there. >> it's definitely unique. and they seem to be really happy. so all of this is just icing on the cake. >> he put all the personal touches on it. he thought about everything. you go, boy. the try guys -- >> are going to try wearing heels for an entire night. and they're going all in. >> see how they do as they hit up the streets in their fab pumps. >> that's just not even funny anymore. >> your dream at this point is dying. plus, if you're feeling hungry -- >> i've got a big old serving of murica. >> the piece of meat that would
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh.
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[indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig
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closed captioning provided by -- y breakthrough allergies with allegra®. nowadays there's all kinds of things.
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it's water proof. there's that. there are people that can contest that. >> rumor has it that these iphone 7's in particular are fire resistant for five to seven seconds. >> so am i. then i'm like, that's hot. >> you can just claim that. but we might not believe you. he's going to put it to the test. >> okay. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. >> once he's done, he covered it with a pot. the fire stops. it should be fine. >> look at this, guys. perfectly working. guys, the rumor is true. it's official. >> i'm going to say if you took any of our phones and covered it in a little bit and lit it for seven seconds, it wouldn't do anything. >> really it's just burning off that accelerant. it's still going to get pretty warm, but they're built to withstand heat. >> and they already get freaking hot. >> the tests continue. this one also featuring iphones but i'm not actually sure that i
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would say he's testing the phones. >> we're going to see what happens if i insert this into a woodchiper. >> yes, i want to see this. >> it's one of those questions you never knew you needed the answer to until you got to the internet. well, it turns out exactly what you think happens to an iphone happens. but i don't think he is satisfied. >> just out of curiosity, i want to try to throw an iphone 7 plus in here. >> there you go. that's a great way to burn off a thousand dollars. you can set fire to them a little bit but i wouldn't throw them into a woodchiper. but i feel like we already knew this. all right, fellas. it's time to get your fabulous on. >> today we're trying heels. we're going to be going through t gauntlet. >> going to dinners, going to bars. >> the men from buzzfeed are going to try wearing heels for
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an entire night. >> what advice do you have for us? >> don't. >> he's already winning. >> what he's wearing is what prince had on mostly through the 80s. >> exactly. >> i'd be wearing knee high boots, thigh highs. >> in all fairness, by the time we can wear those high five inch heels, we've been wearing -- we graduate up to those. >> the stiletto is so tall, they'll [ bleep ] kill you. >> and then we retire. >> even just in getting from eugene's house to the restaurant, a lot of us are getting cranky already. >> is that why it's so hard to walk up to girls in the club? you're generally angry at that point? >> yes. >> now they're understanding our dilemma. >> the worst part of heels is walking in between places. >> we're still saying why don't you just wear flats? >> yeah. >> as much as this hurts, i
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recognize when i stood in those stilettos, i looked hot at [ bleep ]. >> they make you feel girlie. >> you've made the choice, don't complain about it. >> shut up. >> at this point later in the night, you've got dancing but you also have a drink or two in. >> the heels are not hurting me yet. but i'm a forward thinking man. i'm responsible. so i'm going to get drunk. >> my feet hurt. i'm done with this. i stand by a dumpster and i take off my heels. >> oh, man. >> the interesting thing about this little social experiment is what you said. saying yeah but i still feel fabulous. if you guys are feeling a little bit hungry, i've got a big old serving of murica to satisfy. >> it's broccoli day here at the wagon. >> just kidding. doesn't eat broccoli. >> am i the only person that was excited about that? >> y'all know me better than
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this. it's steak day. deep fried. >> get excited. >> darn right it's steak day. and cowboy kent rawlings is going to show us a recipe of deep fried steak. this is good. he's got his trusty side kick bertha there. start with a 12 ounce new york strip. here's some of the fixings you might need. >> start right over here in this dip. >> then dust it with flour and seasoning mix. then the whole process over again. this a double battering. >> nice thick crunchy coat. >> that's what he's going for. >> shake off that excess. we going to put it in this sizzle. >> once you got the nice coating of flour, seasoning, and miracle dip, in it goes. 350 degrees. one of them fancy thermometers you better use. come out rare to medium rare. if it's anything more, throw it out that's not steak. >> i want to grow a handlebar
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mustache. >> no. >> pull it on out and for goodness sakes, let it rest. >> yes. >> let's see how this beauty looks. >> o e, man. and look at the pink. it's perfect. >> and if you guys are salivating just like us, i suggest you go over to and click on tv show or use our mobile app to get the entire video and the ingredients. this young lady is about to put the boys to shame. >> she walks in and she's like, boop boop boop boop. >> and they're all thinking, we can't do that but we better come up with something quick. >> watch her intimidating skills next. >> i bet a few of them are thinking, i love you. and lenny loves the new kitten. >> but she won't leave mittens alone. she thinks it's her baby. >> see why mittens is not having it. >> leave the cat alone. is a lucky dog. lucky but not every pet is as lucky as lucky. so we came up with a little idea,
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provide bid -- so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. curing nail fungus could take my pharmacist said.. fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. the next time somebody tells you you play like a girl, tell them thank you very much. here's teenager soccer player liza. she went to see the youth footballers at psg. she walks in and she's like boop boop boop boop boop and they're all thinking we can't do that but we better come up with something quick. >> yeah. i bet a few of them are thinking, i love you. i love you so much. >> oh, man i'm so getting cut. >> this is definitely a soccer battle. like, i need them to pick up the ball and try to show her up.
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>> oh, well she does challenge them. now step up, fellas. >> after you. >> they stretch a little bit. >> who's going to have the nerves to step up first? >> she just selected one. like, you. >> look at his jaw. >> he was over there stretching acting all big and bad. step up. it looks like he was successful. and then she snatches it back and bye. up next. >> that's a nutmeg right there. >> pretty much. and it continues. you? you want some? okay. come get it. you want the ball? it's yours. >> it's like a youth dance. they could not be further against the wall. they are now so intimidated by her skills. >> yes. you notice the circle get bigger and bigger and bigger. >> don't pick me, don't pick me. i can't even kick with my left foot. >> and this last one, the crowd goes wild and it's game over.
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they should call this gandalf because you shall not pass. and it's driving this guy crazy. >> oh, wow. >> the cat hisses at him as he tries to go down the stairs. look what he's trying to do to get by the cat. the cat has him that claimed. >> has he claimed ownership of the downstairs or the entire earth? >> the entire earth. >> let me pass. >> the cat is someone i cannot believe i can bat this man down. full grown man. >> oh, he does multiple times. >> i'm just going to pass. i'm not going to do anything. please, leave me alone. >> that cat does not like that guy. >> look at this guy. he's running from his pet. >> he's going wind up loving that cat. little attitude about being
2:04 am
around every corner and jumping out at him. they're going to be buddies. >> maybe. this dog linney, she loves the new kitten mittens. but she won't leave mittens alone. linney loves the kitten. >> loves to chew on it. >> look how calm the cat is being about it all. >> it's playing dead. >> no. >> this cat was like this dog wants to take me outside again. >> dragging the cat outside. it's a parody to bruno mars' "that's what i like." ♪ this is just me dancing why this is truly a spot-on homage. >> it's really good. >> it's a ( cheering ) ( grunts )
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( buzzer sounds ) now they're beating us on the boards out there, guys. this is your territory, grimson. do your job. grimson. hello? hi, honey. what? now? all right. ♪ the itsy-bitsy spider - ♪ climbed up the water spout... ♪ - ( giggling ) ♪ down came the rain ♪ and washed the spider out ♪ ♪ out came the sun... - shh. - ♪ and dried up all the rain ♪ ♪ and the itsy-bitsy spider - ♪ climbed up the spout again. ♪ - ( rock music playing ) i love you, daddy. i love you too, sweetheart. - ( laughing ) - ♪ do you believe in magic ♪ ♪ in a young girl's heart? - ♪ how the music can free her... ♪ - hey, it's my girl. ♪ whenever it starts? - ♪ and it's magic... - you know, my daughter? ( announcer speaks ) a message from the foundation for a better life.
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thing uninterrupted, go to, click on tv show, or check it out on our mobile app. let's face it, bruno mars is the man. his latest album is absolute fire. and the video to one of his latest singles is interesting to say the least. ♪ i got a condo in manhattan
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♪ baby you're what's happening >> he's known for his flair and "that's what i like" is currently number two on the billboard charts. this video is different than his others. and that's where this parody comes into play. ♪ paid too much money ♪ so this is just me dancing ♪ we got squiggles like john madden ♪ >> this video posted to the youtube channel and it's awesome. ♪ we are truly fallen on the kind of balling ♪ ♪ what are you drawing ♪ your artistic skills have fallen down ♪ >> i'm going to embarrass myself here and say it took me probably about 30 seconds to realize i was watching a parody and not the actual video. >> i just said parody. >> but he does look exactly like him. the video is exactly like it. it is completely on the money. if you were squinting and not concentrating -- >> i bet there are some people at home thinking, huh? that's a parody?


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